Hello, world!

Hello, world!

Hey :)

This post marks the beginning of my personal blog.

I've been working with some interesting topics lately, and I realized that I didn't have a good way of sharing my points of view and insights across the Web. Due to that, one of my resolutions for the year of 2018 was to start blogging. Posts will be mostly technical (I know I know, I'm a geek) and among other topics, I'll focus on:

  • my professional or personal projects (for instance, how I created this blog).
  • interesting technology that I have come across or decided to try.
  • reviews of books that I have read.

I'll try to keep a weekly basis for my writing, while also improving the (currently awful) design of this blog. At the moment, the only way to follow up is via RSS feed (there you go), but I'll be sharing my posts on Facebook, and there are plans for a newsletter in the long run.

I have recently renewed my developer environment at work, so on my next post I'll be talking a bit about my current development environment, the changes I made, and how you can set up a similar environment.

See you next time!

Henrique Pacheco